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Post by Owners on Sun Apr 12, 2015 1:38 am

[strike]I wanna Share Rank In my Forum Follow the Rules :

Manager : PM The Owners in this forum And you need active Gamer Or Adict Gamers
GFX Designer: You need To Designer of  Click Here
moderators: You need A moderate In here Click here
Super Mod: Must Have Extremly Post


Profile Info Edit Rules & Policies​

Username Changes
Must have at least 1,000 posts to request a username.
Names cannot be similar to staff like "Cyberforum".
Names cannot be made bold, colored, italic or other font.
Change name can only be requested every 1,000 posts.
No taken name allowed.
User Text Tittle Changes
Must have at least 500 posts to request this request a tittle changes. You can also request a style like BOLD & ITALIC.
Tittle change can only be requested every 500 posts.
Colored tittle require 700 posts or more.
Tittles cannot be change font size.
Tittles cannot be change font style.
User Image Tittle Changes
Must have at least 750 posts to request a image tittle change,
Image size cannot be change to 155 x 25.
Your Image size, must 155 x 25.
Image tittle can only be uploaded to Imgur or Tinypic, no more no less.
Image tittle or Text tittle cannot be combine.

We need a new staff to help & support those members that are having a problem for something, and also to make our forum safe and clean. Thank you.

Warrock PH
PointBlank PH
Counter Strike
Computer Zone

Click here

our users are having fun with cool


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